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The aim of the practical driving test is to prove to an examiner that you can drive safely and independently

in various road conditions , demonstrating knowledge of the highway code throughout your driving.

NOTE: that you will also need to pay your driving instructor for the use of the car on the day the test.

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DSA practical Test Prices

A weekday practical test costs £62

A weekend or evening practical test costs £75

All tests can be booked on the web at www.dsa.gov.uk or phone 0300 200 1122

The Test

Both the counter part and photo provisional licences will be required to be shown to the examiner.

In the event of a student having an old style provisional licence, a passport will also be required. In addition to this, the theory test certificate and appointment letter may also be required.

Before the test, you will be asked if you would like your instructor to sit in on the test and attend the debrief at the end.

A requirement of the test is the ability to read a new style number plate from a distance 20.5 meters (67 feet).

The examiner will ask 2 questions, out of a possible 19 vehicle safety check show me, tell me questions.

The driving test will last about 40 minutes. During the test, you are allowed to perform up to 15 minor faults. A serious or a dangerous fault will result in an automatic failure.

Driving Test Changes

From the 4th October 2010 changes will be made to the driving test, these changes consist of the following:

Only ONE of the reverse maneuver stated below will be required.

Turn in the road (3 point turn)

Left reverse around the corner

Parallel park

Bay park

There is also a possibility that you maybe given an emergency stop to do during the test.

Independent Driving

This part of the test will last for up to 10 minutes. You will be asked to do one of the following:

Drive to a destination following traffic signs.

Drive following a series of verbal directions. (Diagrams will be shown for verbal directions).The examiner will show you a diagram which will show you a route to follow. you will be expected to follow this route independently.

For more information or to book a driving lesson phone 0800 955 0415 or 0796 075 0662

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