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The pass plus scheme was created by the DSA for new drivers to improve their knowledge of planning and awareness in various road situations. Statistics prove that new drivers are more likely to have an accident within the first two years of passing their driving test.

The main benefits of pass plus

Gain extra experience of the road.
Improve your planning, awareness and anticipation.
Stronger knowledge base of driving in various road situations
Cheaper car insurance

The course should be taken within 6 months of passing your driving test, with a pass plus registered driving instructor.

Your instructor will present you with a pass plus guide which will contain information on the scheme along with your module sheet.

These six modules are as follows:

- In town

- In all weather

- On rural roads

- At night

- On dual carriageways

- On motorway

To complete the pass plus you must do a minimum of 6 hours combining the above topics. Both you and your instructor will sign off the hours once they have been completed.

Pass Plus Price

The price for the pass plus course is £170.

Upon completion of the modules, send the signed form to the DSA to receive the certificate within a few weeks.

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